My client originally purchased an overseas ballroom gown with a heavy satin skirt that impeded her dance routine. The voluminous skirt, constructed of six half circle satin godets, was visually striking but cumbersome and distracting as it repeatedly hit her partner during spins.

For the redesign, I removed the godets and utilized a much lighter gold mesh fabric. The new skirt consists of layered handkerchief style tiers that flow gracefully with the client's movements. The ethereal mesh not only lightened the overall weight of the skirt, but also provided a beautiful contrast to the darker gold bodice. This helped lighten the entire look of the gown.

The finished redesign is both visually stunning and functionally optimal for ballroom dancing. My client was thrilled with how the new skirt flowed fluidly with her routine and no longer interfered with her partner's movements. This project highlights my expertise in using fabric choice and construction techniques to solve functional problems and meet the specialized needs of my clients.